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G-63 AMG

4 000 SEK/H

AMG G 63 is not an ordinary SUV. While other vehicles in this category contest about who has the greatest looks, Mercedes has put all efforts in preserving the genuine in its G-Class. Since its launch at the end of the 1970’s the design has been largely preserved.


Armed forces and adventurers have chosen the G-Class for its off-road capabilities and reliability. The AMG G 63 is the premium outfit of this classic icon. As such it has become a favourite among oil sheiks and celebrities. Under the classic surface you will find limitless driving pleasure. If you love driving, you will love AMG G 63.


As you switch on the powerful V8 engine, 536 571 furious horses awake. The acceleration from 0 to 100 is around 5 seconds and the sound of the engine speaks its distinct language. AMG G 63 provides a balanced mixture of ultimate luxury and one of the best off-road capabilities in the world. It is a car that looks as good in front of one of Stockholm’s five-star hotels as by the ski slope.