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Private Chauffure

Mercedes E-Class

Mr Charles offers this "Executive" equipped car with Chauffure in Stockholm.


Did you know that it is possible to order Mr Charles cars with Chauffure to other cities in Scandinavia?

Stockholm - Göteborg  - Oslo

Köpenhamn - Helsingfors

Lexus GS 300h

1 400 SEK/H

In the Lexus GS 350 you will taste the true flavour of Japanese luxury, design and technology. The GS is the perfect choice for the environmentally aware executive looking for a private chauffeur.

Japanese Luxury

The Lexus GS 350 features an aggressive exterior design combined with hybrid technology. Engineers have dedicated thousands of hours in developing the Mark Levinson Sonic Audio system integration. The speakers are perfectly balanced to give every passenger a “full concert”, three-dimensional orchestra experience.

Ideal Comfort

The white leather upholstery seats of the Lexus provide superb comfort, a sharp contrast to the car’s sporty image. Stretching out is no deal for even the tallest of persons. The sense of space is augmented further by the cabin’s bright palette. The Lexus is a fantastic choice at the more affordable end of the top-luxury spectrum.