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Private Chauffeur, by Mr Charles

You are unique,

L-CAB´s private chauffeurs always provide bespoke service. We understand that all clients have their very specific needs and preferences. Our drivers can accommodate any request, no matter how demanding. L-CAB will not only drive you from A to B. He will walk your dog, pick up your dry cleaning and polish your private car. Additional services VIP-access can be added.

Time is precious

When travelling with L-CAB, you have your own private chauffeur who knows how important punctuality is for you. Our experienced drivers know the time requirements for any journey in Stockholm. With careful planning they will make sure that you arrive in time to your appointments.

Quality travel

Our professional private chauffeurs understand that they are not simply providing transport. L-CAB´s drivers are always polite, precise and discrete. They are experts in quality travel and know how the perfect chauffeur should be.


RR Phantom

The first thing that strikes when you look at the new Phantom is how incredibly respectful it is. There is really not much more than an armored tank or an aircraft carrier that would steel its attention. This is a masterpiece.

In fact, Rolls-Royce Phantom has the most effective isolation ever made for a car. All of a sudden, only you and your potential passengers are there and it is nothing but fabulous.

8 000 SEK/H


Maybach 62

The Maybach 62 got its name from its length. Measuring 6.2 meters, our Maybach is almost as long as a stretch limousine. The big difference is that the Maybach has been designed to provide most comfort for two passengers, not eight.

Here, no compromise is made on comfort. The back seat keeps a respectful distance to the driver’s seat and offers state of the art massage functions.

4 000 SEK/H

Bentley Spur

A true lady or gentleman makes the best entrance in a Bentley. Or departure: heads are turned as Mr. Charles fires up the twelve cylinders of the Bentley’s 700+ horsepower engine. The Flying Spur has a beautiful interior and timeless exterior design.

If you are looking for luxury at its best, look no further.

2 200 SEK/H

We deliver uncompromised Discretion

L-CAB is an experienced provider of drivers and other VIP services. As such, we understand how vital it is to respect our clients’ privacy. All our private chauffeurs have agreed to a strict confidentiality policy. When travelling with one of our private drivers you can rest sure that your privacy will be respected at all times. All clients have different needs. Some want to stay out of the public eye. Others just want to know that they can safely discuss any matter on the phone during the trip.


G-63 AMG

AMG G 63 is not an ordinary SUV. While other vehicles in this category contest about who has the greatest looks, Mercedes has put all efforts in preserving the genuine in its G-Class. Since its launch at the end of the 1970’s the design has been largely preserved. Armed forces and adventurers have chosen the G-Class for its off-road capabilities and reliability. 

4 000 SEK/H


Mercedes prioritizes the passengers’ travel experience. Our Mercedes S-Class has Magic Body Control, which uses stereo cameras to scan the road surface for dips and bumps. The system adjusts the car for you as a passenger to perceive the road as little as possible.

1 700 SEK/H

DSC_6256 (2).jpg

750M Li

BMW 7 Series is a luxury vehicle for the modern executive, equipped with all the gadgets that you can imagine. The back seat has generous legroom thanks to the extra-long wheelbase. The right front seat folds at the push of a button, transforming itself into a comfortable foot rest. Let the car magically fold out a stable table for your laptop.

1 700 SEK/H

Only the very best vehicles

A first-class, state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles is at your disposal at any time during your visit in Stockholm. Indulge yourself in the ultra-luxurious BMW 750M Li. Relax to the engineered sound experience in the hybrid Lexus GS. Or forget that you are in a car altogether when travelling in our Bentley Flying Spur. Our Mercedes Viano Executive and Mercedes Executive Sprinter make our offer complete. These vehicles allow also larger groups of people to enjoy the benefits of using a private chauffeur service in Stockholm.


Feel special with L-CAB´s private chauffeurs Stockholm, by Mr Charles!

Our fleet of premium cars

We offer a wide range of chauffeur driven options. All include amenities designed to make your trip even more relaxing, comfortable and luxurious. Maximum safety is always a priority.

DSC_6366 (1).jpg

Lexus GS

In the Lexus GS 350 you will taste the true flavour of Japanese luxury, design and technology. The GS is the perfect choice for the environmentally aware executive looking for a private chauffeur. The Lexus GS 350 features an aggressive exterior design combined with hybrid technology. Engineers have dedicated thousands of hours in developing the Mark Levinson Sonic Audio system integration.

1 400 SEK/H



The Mercedes Viano Executive is perfect for a small group of people and as a shuttle vehicle. You step up into the Viano, rather than sitting down, which gives it the shuttle feeling. Yet it is a full-leather luxury van, providing the optimal ratio between space and refinement. The passenger compartment has twin side doors, pop-up tables and its own climate control.

1 700 SEK/H

DSC_6437 (2).jpg


For even larger groups, the Mercedes Executive Sprinter is the vehicle of choice. While there certainly are spicier options than going by bus, it is sometimes the only option when travelling as a group. Our Sprinter takes luxury seriously. This “private jet on the road” will make your group feel like true VIPs. Our luxury bus has capacity for 16 passengers.

3 400 SEK/H

Business or holiday

Regardless if you are on a business trip or on holiday, your private chauffeur will help you accomplish your priorities. Some of our clients are executives who demand hustle-free transport when doing business in Stockholm. Some clients simply want to experience Stockholm at its best during their vacation. Why not explore Stockholm with a private chauffeur who is also able to guide you through town? By letting a private chauffeur of

L-CAB´s take care of you when in Stockholm, you can focus on what matters most to you.