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Private Chauffeur in Sweden

L&C offers bespoke services with style. Our wide range of luxury travel and lifestyle management deals is unique. Our team of professionals will treat you and your clients with the finest of services, tailored to your specific needs.

Our fleet!

Stretch Car

Make a statement when in Stockholm! Our nine metres Lincoln Royal Town Limousine comfortably seats up to eight people, has a complete infotainment system and a Champagne bar. Float majestically through the streets of Stockholm or why not spice up the transfer to or from Arlanda Airport?

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Make sure your next visit to one of Stockholm’s restaurants, bars or clubs becomes a truly enjoyable experience for you and your clients. L&C can ensure that you get access to the very best venues in Stockholm without having to wait in line. L&C helps you make a good impression.

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            VIP Access

You are unique

L&C´s private chauffeurs always provide bespoke service. We understand that all clients have their very specific needs and preferences. Our drivers can accommodate any request, no matter how demanding. L&C´s will not only drive you from A to B. He will walk your dog, pick up your dry cleaning and polish your private car.